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New Swimmers to DSST!

*We love to see new swimmers and if you are a first time swimmer to DSST, your first month with us is FREE, just follow the steps below.  

  1. First, check out our regular practice schedule. Pick a day to swim and just show up. On the day of your visit make sure to double check our Team Calendar (located on our Home page) for any last minute changes to our swim schedule or location.

  2. Complete the DSST Registration and Liability Waiver. The coach on deck can supply you with this form; or, better yet, you can complete it online now and submit it. If you have any questions on how to properly complete this form, please ask the coach on deck. This completed form must be on record prior to swimming with the team.

  3. Join United States Masters Swimming (a national membership-operated nonprofit organization).  If you have never been a United States Masters Swimming member before the coach will ask you to fill out a FREE USMS 30-Day Trial Membership Form prior to entering the pool.  The coach on deck can supply you with this form or better yet, you can print and fill it out now and bring it with you. If you have any questions on how to properly complete this form, please ask the coach on deck. If you have been a member of USMS before, then you will have to renew your USMS membership.  Remember that DSST is part of the "San Diego Swim Masters"; we suggest you enter this under the club section.  You can renew  USMS On-Line instantly or print and fill out the USMS Renewal Form.  Please bring this completed form with you (or a copy of your on-line receipt) and show it to the coach on deck.

  4. Once you get to the pool, introduce yourself to a swimmer and have them direct you to the DSST coach on deck who will help you get settled in.

  5. If you enjoyed your first swim and want to become a DSST member, go to our Join the Team page.  If you utilized the paper USMS Renewal or Trial Membership form, be sure to mail it in right away.  You can not become a member of DSST without an active USMS membership.

Feel free to look over our Swim Tips section which has lots of information including what to bring to your first swim (swim goggles, swimsuit, towel).


DSST welcomes swimmers of all abilities. We have multiple lanes from slow and inexperienced to fast and the coaches adjust workouts to take into account each swimmer's abilities.  You don’t need to be able to swim all the strokes either. 

Swimming is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape. However, we advise you to consult with a physician before engaging in any strenuous physical activity.


For general questions about our team visit About Us or drop us an email. We also suggest you check out our FAQ section. Welcome!

Visitors from other Teams

*We love to have visitors from other swim teams and you can swim with us for FREE for your first three visits in each calendar year, just follow the steps below.

  1. Have your USMS card with you and be prepared to show it to the coach on deck.

  2. You will need to complete and sign our DSST Registration and Liability Waiver, which you can complete online now or you can fill out a copy from the coach. Please write on the form the name of your current swim team or swim club.

  3. When you arrive, please introduce yourself to the coach who will help you find a good lane.

Your free visits are limited to a maximum of three within any calendar year. After your third visit we ask you to either pay the daily drop-in fee or become a member. To pay the drop-in fee please see our Fees and Dues page.


To become a member please see our Join the Team page.


We have an open door policy for swimmers from other teams.  Please join us and make yourself at home while visiting San Diego. Welcome!

Big Discounts Available on our Fees and Dues Page
Please see the Fees and Dues page for additional information like other ways to pay (paper check at the time of your visit) or for other pricing plans. This "Pay Now" button is also available on the Fees/Dues page.