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Membership and Drop-In Payment Options
 Before you pay your dues.... DID YOU?
  1. Complete the DSST Membership and Liability Form and submit it online. This is essentially creating an online account, and the team needs this for the record of both your waiver and for attendance record. Just choose the option for new swimmer.

  2. Join United States Masters Swimming (a national membership-operated nonprofit organization) or renew your USMS membership. Remember that DSST is part of the "San Diego Swim Masters"; we suggest you enter this under the club section. Join USMS On-Line or download,print and mail the USMS FormPlease e-mail your receipt to or give your coach a copy of your new card or receipt. If you utilized the paper USMS Form, you must have already mailed it and been activated. You can not become or remain a member of DSST without an active USMS membership. The DSST form and USMS membership are important as they provide insurance in case of accidents while you are with the team. They protect both you and the team. There are lots of benefits to being a USMS member. Additional USMS information can be found at and San Diego-Imperial Masters Swimming.

  3. Pay your dues. DSST prefers you pay your dues by paying via your online membership renewal. Your dues cover pool fees, lifeguards, coaching, equipment, our participation in the SD Pride Festival, administrative fees and much more.

  4. For completing steps 1 & 2 above, if you are a first time swimmer to DSST your first month with us is FREE. That's right! If you have never swum with DSST before, your first month is FREE in exchange for registering with USMS. First-time swimmers should select a payment option on this page just before your second month to continue your membership.

Swimmers currently pay in advance either a $15 daily drop-in fee or a $60/monthly membership fee.
$50/month when you pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance!

DSST has created a special promotion, dropping dues from $60/month to $50/month if members pay their dues 3 months in advance, 6 months in advance or yearly in advance.


Why are we doing this?

With our current pool fees, we are able to cover our expenses, and that is before we factor in our past successful fund-raising campaigns. By lowering our fees, we can attract swimmers that may not be able to afford an extra $60.00 a month with their other obligations.


What are we asking of you in return?

We only ask that you continue to work with us to ensure our fund raising activities are as successful as they have been in the past. If you have new ideas on how we can raise money for the team, please work with our fundraising chair. We look forward to any ideas you have.


Do you know any swimmers that want to swim, but are unsure? Tell them about the new fees and help encourage them to swim with us!  Do you have any swimmers you want to come back? Give them a call and encourage them back into the water!


What's the fine print?

To take advantage of this special, you will need to pay 3 months in advance, 6 months in advance, or yearly in advance. You can use the following payment options: 

  1. Online Membership Renewal
  2. Electronic Banking through your financial institution's online banking system.
  3. Paper check
This promotion is only for members who pay 3 months in advance, 6 months in advance or yearly in advance. This special promotion may be cancelled at any time.

Membership renewals and corresponding dues payments through the Team website for monthly, quarterly and annual memberships are processed automatically for your convenience.  Like most scheduled and automatic payments, reminder notices are not sent to members prior to an automatic payment.  Each member is responsible for monitoring his or her member
ship.  As a matter of Team policy, dues are not refundable once a payment is made.  Please monitor your memberships accordingly. 
  • DSST Quarterly Dues ($150)
  • DSST Half-Yearly Dues ($300)
  • DSST Yearly Dues ($600)
  • DSST Monthly Dues ($60)
  • DSST Drop-in Fee ($15)