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Many thanks to the Board:

Different Strokes Swim Team would not be where it is today without the dedicated work and participation of its past and current board members. Since DSST's infancy, our board members have worked diligently to keep our team on a steady course, helping to guide the team's strength and spirit and leading us to our many recent successes.


Board Position Responsibilities & Terms

The team votes every November, to elect "new" or "returning" board members to serve for the next swim year. In December the "old" and "newly elected" board members meet to discuss what was accomplished in the previous year, and what goals to focus on for the year to come.

Below is a brief description of each board position's responsibility:



- Presides at board meetings 
- Officiates at DSST functions 
- Prepares agenda for meetings (with secretary) 
- Has signature authority on team checking account 
- Represents DSST at IGLA and USMS meetings / functions 
- Represents DSST at community/charity functions 
- Provides leadership, supervision, and assistance for other board members as they lead their task areas


- Maintains team charter and bylaws, recording changes and history 
- With President, prepares an agenda for each board meeting 
- Attends board meetings and records minutes 
- Assists board in matters of organization and process (parliamentarian)


- Maintains team checking account 
- Under the supervision of the President, shall prepare a budget for the next year. 
- Collects money as necessary 
- Sends delinquent letters as necessary 
- Makes all deposits and issue all expense checks (without check signing authority) 
- Checks post office box weekly for bills/deliveries 
- Supervises and assists the Membership Director with all membership programs 
- Attends board meetings and presents monthly financial reports


- Serves as liaison and advocate for coaches

- Manages pool scheduling for practices
- Provides monthly activity report at Board meetings


- Plans and coordinates social events for the team

- Plans and coordinates annual meeting of members

- Acts as primary community outreach for the team

- Works with President on team participation in annual Gay Pride Parade

- Provides monthly activity report at Board meetings


- Leads recruitment efforts for new members
- Acts as official greeter of new members
- Reviews and enforces both team and USMS memberships
- Answers questions of new members at the pool
- Maintains an up-to-date membership list
- Provides monthly activity report at Board meetings

- Maintains on-line team calendar
- Maintains and updates team website, including document library

- Updates team email system

- Provides monthly activity report at Board meetings





- Plans fundraising projects, setting financial goals for each 
- Coordinates cooperative fundraising projects with other organizations 
- Maintains list of contacts in other organizations and businesses in the community 
- Attends board meetings 


- Promotes the team to the general public and encourages swimmers to join 
- Attends board meetings

- Coordinates all meets and encourages members to participate in meets 
- Attends board meetings