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Our Coaches keep us swimming!

Five times a week our coaches create workouts to meet the diverse needs of our swimmers.  DSST would not be what it is today without the dedicated work and participation of its coaches.  If you have a question for the coaches, please feel free to contact them.

Edie Jacobsen
Edie has been coaching for DSST since 2014 and has been a US masters swimmer with DSST for over 20 years.  She is certified as a USMS Adult Learn To Swim Instructor and a Level 2 Coach.   In addition to swimming, she enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, painting, mosaic, and playing with her dogs.
  Annette Bernier 
Coach Annette started swimming competitively at the age of 6 in Miami, Florida. She began her coaching career as an assistant coach with Southern California Aquatics (SCAQ) in Los Angeles. When she moved to beautiful San Diego, she continued coaching, competing and supporting the growth of DSST.
In her career, Coach Annette has competed in and coached numerous US and International swim meets. She served as one of three Directors who organized and ran the 10th Annual International IGLA Swim Meet, which was held in Coronado, CA. The competition drew close to 1,000 swimmers and included hundreds of volunteers.
Coach Annette is a dedicated student of the sport - always searching for the latest technical advances to share with her fellow swimmers and coaches. She currently holds USMS Level 3 Coach and USMS ALTS (Adult Learn to Swim) Instructor Certifications. She loves teaching stroke and race technique to her club team, triathletes and both novice and competitive swimmers.
  Jeremy Fackantha
Jeremy has been coaching for DSST since 2011 and has been a part of US Masters swimming since 2010. He has previously coached for the Pomona and Pitzer Colleges swim team and swam during college at Wabash College. When not on the deck, Jeremy is an adjunct professor of philosophy and religion and co-owns a production company.
Michael Pelayo 
Michael was born and raised in San Diego and swam competitively for Hoover High School and Southwestern College. He has previously coached a youth swim team at the City Heights Swim Center, and was a lifeguard/swim instructor at various pools for 7 years. He swims with DSST often, and likes to be part of the team as both a swimmer and a coach. He enjoys staying active and is a runner as well. During the work week, Michael is an accountant for the City of San Diego.
  Barry Brockman 
Barry is a San Diego native, working as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, with a passion for science and nature. Besides swimming and coaching, Barry likes to spend his free time traveling, spending time in the outdoors, and playing with his dogs.